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Smarter homes are connected homes - better control, more comfort and bigger energy savings. Use your mobile to monitor and control your heating, any time, anywhere. 

Total Connect Comfort features 

Total Connect Comfort brings you the peace of mind you need, knowing your home is safe, secure and under your control.

  • Control your heating from anywhere using mobile devices
  • Manage multiple thermostats and locations
  • View and change temperature settings and heating schedules
  • Activate quick actions and system modes
  • See the current outdoor temperature and 5-day forecast
  • Get connection alerts
  • Automatic software updates

Honeywell & IFTTT

Evohome and the Single Zone Thermostat work in harmony with IFTTT, allowing you to automate your home’s heating around you and your life, in real time.

With IFTTT, you can link and manage your system by creating simple Applets, which could be set to automatically turn your heating off when you’re out of the home, or to switch back on if it snows. These can be turned on and off, and link multiple smart devices, giving you flexibility and infinite possibilities, to adjust your home comforts to suit you.

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